Rainbow Moonstone Necklace


Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

Rainbow Moonstone embodies the goddess energy. Like the moon, it is reflective and reminds us that everything is part of a cycle of change. Rainbow Moonstone helps you see the unseen, read symbols and synchronicities intuitively. Hold your stone. Set your intention. Attune to your stone & "vibe" with it. Wear it with love as a reminder of your intention.

• All Vibe necklaces are handmade with love & good vibes in Austin, Texas with natural gemstones and silk.

• They are all fully adjustable from choker to 30" long and are metal-free.

• Each gemstone is carefully-curated and chosen for its unmistakable individuality and quality.

• The gorgeous paper cards are lovingly handcrafted with sustainable paper.

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