Midsummer Series : After the Storm

Is it still considered a storm if you go outside and dance your heart out in it? When the rains stops find stillness and take a deep inhale. Fill up with the Earthy sweetness of petrichor. Mother Nature has renewed herself again. So have you, dear Goddess.

Exclusively designed for Sage Moon, this summer's unique collection of ceramic hand crafted and hand painted wall art is truly eye-catching and inspirational. 

Summer solstice is upon us and with it comes a love for natural light and adoration for how long nights spill into our spaces and over are collections. May these wall hangings occupy just the right place in your life and ignite nostalgia and beauty. 

This exclusive Sage Moon artist series was created by Jeana who, as an art collector herself, wanted her love for clay to be shared in a more contemporary arrangement.  

“Art is the activity by which a person, having experienced an emotion, intentionally transmits it to others” – Leo Tolstoy 
Dimensions : 
Weight - 3.06 lbs
Width - 23"
Height (no strap) - 26"
Height (with strap) - 34"
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