Large Ornamental Clay Chimes


Each chime is one of a kind, just like a painting. 

Their sound is unique and nostalgic of the lovey enduring romantic chime that feels so warm listening to. They are very strong and will not break on windy days. 

They are ornamental and as you would adorn the inside of a home with a fun ceramic piece, these chimes should be placed in view to decorate the yard, deck, balcony, outside of a window or add fun to an outdoor accent wall.

They are carefully strung together with twine and can endure bright sunny weather, rain and snow and you'll hear them most when it's windy since they are a heavier chime.

Available Colors:

Black & Pink - 37" Long 4.5" Wide

Blue & White - 38" Long 4.5" Wide

Creamy Peach - 36" Long 4.5" Wide

Pink & White - 36" Long 4.5" Wide

approx. weight 3lbs 5oz

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