Kundalini Gown-Short Edition in Cotton/Linen

This version of the Kundalini Gown Short edition is lighter and made for those seeking the natural fibers and feel of cotton/linen.

This piece is slightly sheer and is worn ideally with a nude bra underneath. 

One size fits most.

This one is also perfect for those shorter than 5'5-5'7. It is also perfect for those looking for a shorter version of the Kundalini Gown for the fall, winter or summer. It goes great with white jeans or white leggings.

Sizing: OS (One size) Fits Size S-L. 

Model is 5'6

We decided to make this one slightly longer than our classic Short Edition, so if you are around 5'7 it will fall just past your knees. It's perfect for smaller ladies as well who want a petite Kundalini Gown. 

Care: Handwash or Machine Wash, Hang Dry.

Fabric: Cotton/Linen

These garments are handmade in a small batch.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Did you know that linen is 30% more durable than cotton, is biodegradable and has a healing frequency? It is hypoallergenic, breathable, anti-static, a temperature-regulating natural insulator. Sleeping in linen clothing or linen sheets helps you rest deeper. From ancient times, linen has been known to have healing properties. 

Producing linen is an eco-friendly process, because its life cycle has a small ecological footprint compared to cotton. This is due to several aspects such as the longevity of the linen fiber, and the low use of water, pesticides, and fertilizers in growing flax compared to other crops. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because these items are shipped directly from Bali clothing from this designer cannot be returned for refund, however they can be returned for store credit.

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