Gauze Crown Wrap (11 colors)

Radiate in your queenly beauty with a soft gauze cotton scarf to decorate your crown.

A mini turban is an instant upgrade to your energy, slight pressure on points around your crown help keep you centered and standing tall. Headwraps are used across the globe for keeping our psychic energy ours. Feel and be the unique goddess that you are ~ this is an energy tool for you. The beauty of the cotton headwrap is that it breathes fully.
This scarf in CREAM is totally natural un-dyed cotton in its softest form, the thin gauze weave. Each scarf measures 65" by 22" and is machine washable. You can create a full turban - full priestess mode - with two of these simple headwrap scarves. 
1. Either fold the scarf several times the long way, or bunch it up into a strip.
2. Place your head in the center of the scarf and tie a single knot at the base of your head at your neck.
3. Bring one end up and over the top of your head, around to the other side of your head, and tuck the scarf end under the part that''s now tight on your hair. Do the same to the other end of the scarf. 
Believe it or not, it WILL stay in place! Unless you are ecstatically dancing.

Made from 100% cotton, this scarf can be used as a headcover or can be worn as a scarf.

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