God and Me Spinner ring


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Spin away your worries!

Spinner rings have an inner band that can be spun while the rest of the ring stays in place. Traditionally used in ancient Tibetan meditative practices, spinner rings help to release tension and anxiety because the repetitive rhythm of rotating the spinner around the ring has a calming effect on the mind and the body. This offers a healthy alternative to fidgeting and a reminder to come back to your breath by repeating the affirmation to yourself, silently or out loud.

The purpose of the affirmation “God and me, me and God are one” is to remember that God is within each one of us, and that to connect to the Divine, you need to look within.

Each ring is lovingly handcrafted in the USA using eco-friendly processes, the silver is not coated with harmful chemicals.

  • Solid sterling silver
  • The base ring is 8mm wide and the spinner ring is 3 mm
  • Inscribed: God and me, me and God are one
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