EMF Protection Diamond Malachite Pendant

  • Handmade item
  • Necklace length: 24 Inches; Pendant height: 1.5 Inches; Pendant width: .75 Inches
  • Materials: Copper
    • Malachite
    • Prasiolite
    • orgone matrix crystals include:
    (shungite, quartz, herkimer diamond, blue kyanite, citrine, black tourmaline)*
    *materials in the nano orgone mix for transmuting and purifying low vibe energy forms.


These two crystals are a dynamic duo for the heart chakra. Malachite is a stone of abundance, transformation and purification. Prasiolite (green amethyst) has a soft vibe that connects the desires of the heart with the intuition of the mind.

The back of the pendant is an orgone matrix of metal powders, elite shungite, herkimer diamond and black tourmaline. This matrix creates a field of positive orgone energy that is harmonizing and a protective shield. I use metal powders in all my designs which creates a matrix with 1000s more layers of conductive and non-conductive particles. This is the most effective and potent way to make orgone. More is discussed below.

• Heart Chakra Activation
• Attracts abundance and manifestation
• Purification of the heart and auric field
• Aura Shield
• Protective against EMFs and low vibes
• Grounding Energy

• Heart
• Root
• (root, solar plexus, throat, crown)*
*crystal activations in the nano orgone matrix

24” Solid Copper ( not plated ) heavy gauge ball chain made in New York. Easy to cut length to your preference. This chain is quality and elevates the nature of this pendant as copper is known for its health benefits as well as antimicrobial properties. Copper is also considered a conduit for etheric energy.

1.25” high by .5” wide by .25" deep. This is a low profile, yet powerful orgonite pendant. This is not like the heavy or bulky like some other common designs.
Comes ready for gifting in a gift box tied in yarn with an information card.

This pendant is a creation of crystals and metals from the far reaches of the earth. The alchemy of this pendant has taken 5 years and thousands of trials to develop. This finely tuned device is handcrafted with love and quality raw materials into a power amulet with energetic properties to help its owner navigate the turbulent and amazing times we live in. This amalgam of materials is commonly called 'orgone' and they are expertly combined to create a force field that is protective from low vibe frequencies like EMFs, electrosmog, wireless technology, negative thought forms and psychic attack. The intent is to feel more grounded, shielded and clear with an uplifted sense of being. The nano metals and mineral powders create an orgone field (positive life force) explained more below.

The crystals in this pendant activate energy centers (chakras) within the body. Crystals have been used for thousands of years for healing and metaphysical purposes. Every design has a perfect, double-terminated herkimer diamond as the ‘heart’ of the amulet programmed with positive intentions during the creation ceremony.

The dark grey section of this pendant contains millions of pieces of nano sized iron, titanium, quartz, shungite, black tourmaline, citrine and blue kyanite with an intact herkimer diamond in the middle. A high ratio of metal to minerals incased in carbon based resin creates the quantum phenomenon of orgone energy also known as positive life force energy. These materials interface with the electric energy field of the human body as well as the chaotic frequencies from the man-made world. As these energies are attracted to the pendant due to it’s conductive properties, the waveforms then pass through the perfect molecular structure of the crystals inside restoring a coherence and harmony. The reaction happening is working in the etheric dimension on the subtle bodies and aura that effect us on the physical plane. Orgone has a way of creating a push and pull of energy, sometimes dislodging energy blocks that can be uncomfortable until balance is achieved. This doesn’t always happen, but when it does, just roll with it and welcome the upgrade as leveling up takes place.

This pendant was created with both citrine and blue kyanite in the nano orgone matrix, two crystals known to need no clearing that also cleanse surrounding crystals. This pendant does not need to be cleared or cleansed. It can be charged by placing in the light of the sun or moon as well as placing in water while out in nature such as a stream, lake or ocean.

PLEASE NOTE: Every pendant is handmade and this means they vary in appearance. The bezel is raw copper. Copper is an amazing metal that also develops a patina fast and changes color as it’s exposed to the elements. It can be restored to a new shine by polishing with a fine abrasive material or placed in a small glass of table salt and white vinegar for 10 minutes then rinsed with clean water. This process does not effect the crystals and resin in any way. Plant-based EcoPoxy is used to encase the materials in this pendant. It’s durable, shiny and friendly to it’s wearer, the earth and the alchemist who made this pendant. Prolonged exposure of this pendant to water, body sweat and skin oils, sea water and other elements can change the appearance of the pendant over time. The easiest way to ‘freshen up’ the pendant is the white vinegar and table salt bath mentioned above. Although the pendant will take on it’s own unique character over time, it will always remain a powerful amulet.

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