Bath Soak Sampler + Gift Set

Treat yourself or a loved one with this perfect gift of calm, self-love and relaxation. 

Experience our delightful bath soaks, handcrafted in Princeton, NJ by crystal healer extraordinaire, Natalie. 

Lovingly made, the crystals are cleared with sage and set under the energizing light of the moon.

They are then infused with intention for their healing effects to be experienced by the recipient.

Relax into your dreams and intentions, knowing that sometimes, the best thing to do is to take a break and allow the universe to work for you!

Before you step into the bath, take a moment to set an intention and say it out loud. Infuse that sound current into the water and allow is to settle into your body and mind as you soak.

Includes 4 bath soaks and Bathing Flowers.
Enough for 4 baths total, each container is for 1 bath. 


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