Anna Kimm is a creative Yogini, she designs malas for meditation, healing, and adornment. The idea for The Polished Gem came from her own resolve  (Sankalpa) to live yogically and share her creativity with the world. Each mala is completely handmade by Anna with love and intention. To Anna, art is any action undertaken with one’s full presence and devotion.

Anna's designs incorporate the use of ethically sourced high-grade gemstones. Use of the highest quality materials heightens the effectiveness of each design, making them a beautiful tool for your practice. You choose whether to use the mala strictly for Japa meditation or to adorn your body for therapeutic purposes.

Anna Kimm is an Artist (BFA fine art, 2006), yoga teacher for over a decade, and mother of two. She studies Classical Yoga, Tantra, and Ayurveda. She is forever grateful to her teachers Rea Mingeva, Ben Vincent, and Indu Arora.

Anna invites you to take a few moments to close your eyes and smooth the rhythm of your breath. Imagine the weight of a cool stone Mala around your neck, or sensing each stone between your fingers during Japa, knowing you've helped support the artist who made it. Imagine the shakti (power) of a Mala made with intention and of the highest quality.

"May my Malas carry the power (shakti) and energy of the yoga tradition, and may they be an effective tool for awakening your highest potential."-Anna Kimm







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