Butterfly Pants

These soft as silk pants are incredibly soft and lightweight, perfect for warmer weather or for lounging at home or for meditation or healing arts. 

They are made with lyocell and tie-dyed. Lyocell is an eco-friendly fiber. It is a natural, manmade material made from wood cellulose or pulp from eucalyptus, oak or birch trees and is a regenerated fiber.

This fabric has better moisture absorption than cotton (including natural perspiration). This makes Lyocell fibre a perfect choice for people with sweating problems or for people whose sensitive skin is aggravated by humidity. The same is true for those living in rainy climates. It is biodegradable. 

Waist: 24.4"-35.4", hips: 51.5", front rise: 13.3", pant length: 38.5"

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