Merino Wool Yoga & Meditation Mat

A blissful wool mat perfect for yoga and meditation!

This mat is made on Vancouver island from 100% Australian Merino Sheep’s Wool and it is backed with cotton canvas to help prevent slipping.

With a wool density of 850 gram, this wool mat feels like a sheepskin and is dense enough for use on wood floors. Because this mat is lanolin-free, it is also naturally non-allergenic!

For thousands of years, yogis have used animal skins for meditation, as it creates an insulation between the body and the magnetic pull of the Earth. Many people experience deeper states of connection to their Self and the Universe when using a wool mat as compared to a sticky mat.

The sheep are sheared without injury, and their wool is then superwashed and knitted into a porous fabric. The fabric is then stabilized with potato starch. The result is a mat that looks and feels like a sheepskin without harming these peaceful animals.

The miracle of wool:
-Wool has the frequency of the Divine.
-It is a negative ion and also protects from EMF waves.
-Resistant to bacteria, fungus and mold, it is a natural insulator, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, keeps you to core body temperature.
-Renewable, sustainable and biodegradable. 
-Does not absorb odors.

Note: The color of the canvas backing is a solid light cream color.

These mats ship from Vancouver, Canada and take about 5 business days for delivery to US addresses and 2-3 weeks for other countries. 

How to care for your mat:

  • Machine wash up to 70°C or 158°F
  • Wash with a wool soap, preferably one with lanolin or tea tree oil
  • Machine dry using lower temperature
  • Light shedding is normal
  • Please note we cannot cover the cost of return shipping for the merino mats.

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