By the time she is finished dressing for work, her mind is already racing with anxieties. She is chilled, overstimulated and uneasy. She reaches for her bottle of Surya and gently rubs it into her skin. Immediately, she’s grounded, warmed and soothed. With a slow inhale, she savors the feeling of perfect balance.

A racing mind, a tendency toward cold, and a quick body - these are the characteristics associated with the Vata Dosha. Let Surya (or “Sun”) ground you and warm you. This blend of Amyris, Olibanum, Cardamom and Jojoba oils balance the excessive space and air elements of the Vata Dosha, bringing you into harmony with yourself.

Apply topically throughout the day on wrists, neck and behind ears to experience the grounding effects of this therapeutic blend.


Size: 8ml / .3 fl oz

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