Handwoven Q'ero Ceremonial cloth (Soco)


We are honored to partner with the indigenous Q’ero in Peru to bring you some of the most powerful textile weavings in the world!  

The Q’ero are descendants of the ancient Incas and their medicine people, known as “Paqos,” still use their hands to craft their story telling textiles.  

By weaving these beautiful and meaningful stories, these medicine men and women are preserving and sharing their healing knowledge, beliefs and traditions. Their main philosophy is “Ayni”, which means reciprocity and include balance and harmony with the Earth and with each other.

This altar cloth, also known as a "Soco" can be used in your home or healing space to create an altar on which you place your shamanic tools, it can also be used outdoors for special ceremonies or gatherings. It can be hung on a wall to add protection and beautiful energy to the space. 

It is large and measures 58 by 51 inches. Each one is one of a kind, we only have 1 of each of these in stock.

It is part of the tools of the shaman in the Q'ero lineage

Maestra Doña Marquesa Apaza, daughter of Master Don Alejandro Apaza (both from the Apaza family lineage and founders of the Inca Medicine School) is a master weaver, creating the sacred handmade textiles that the Q'ero are well known for. 

These items are:

  • All handmade (it takes about 2 months to make a Soco)

  • Permission is asked and a proper ceremony conducted for the llamas/alpacas in the community of Kiko high up in the Andes, before any material is collected (read more below)

  • A special ceremony to infuse the weavings with the energy of the mountains and nature is always held to make these items sacred (they are blessed, prayed over, etc in a traditional Q'ero way)

  • These weavings help support Maestra Doña Marquesa Apaza and her family, especially in these testing times for the Andean people

  • Ordering these sacred items help preserve the sacred teachings of the Q'ero, the heritage of the master weavers, and the sacred patterns that have been woven for thousands of years, and give back to the communities that are doing so much for the healing of our planet


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