Goddess Wrap/Gauze Cotton Turban

As featured in Yoga Journal!

Wrap yourself in softness. This is a soft, natural gauze cotton scarf ~ gauze is soft, thin woven cotton. These scarves are double-layered and textured to be pillowy and fluffy!
A scarf - the most versatile thing on Earth. This one is a length that is stackable and wrapable. It's also machine-washable, and the colors won't fade or bleed in the wash. Enjoy breathable, nature-made material around your cherished throat and crown.

This versatile accessory stays put when its wrapped, due to its texture, weave, and material.

Watch our VIDEO showing how to tie it as a wrap around and here as a full turban, covering the head. 

Machine-washable (hang dry).

A mini turban is an instant upgrade to your energy, slight pressure on points around your crown help keep you centered and standing tall.
Headwraps are used across the globe for keeping our psychic energy ours. Feel and be the unique goddess that you are ~ this is an energy tool for you.
The beauty of the cotton headwrap is that it breathes fully.

Enjoy the feel of breathable material around your cherished throat and crown!

Dimension: 90 x 17 inches

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