Gauze Cotton Belt/ Belly Wrap

Wrap your waist or your womb with warmth and elegance!

This is a soft, light, natural gauze belt meant to hug you whenever you want to feel loved. Layer her over any of our skirts for extra style, warmth and protection or complete your tee dress with a belly bow, bringing your cottons closer to your body.

Wrap-around your waist, tie in front or back and even wear as a crown for versatile looks. Stays in place with a single knot and has enough give to allow you to breathe and move! Feel held and supported in earth material around your power center.

✧ This belt is machine washable and measures:
6” from top to bottom
60.5” wide from bottom of tiered end
72.5” wide from top of tiered end

*✧ Wear during your moon cycle to bring extra love and presence to your womb. For cooler climates, works as a nourishing kidney wrap ✧*

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