Ayurvedic Yoga and Meditation Mat

This beautiful 100% Natural Cotton & Jute Yarn mat is a dream come true!

Stay connected to the earth as your practice. Feel the support and alignment provided by this hand turned and hand dyed mat. The alignment bars provide support and grip for those downward dogs. It is light and easy to fold and take with you anywhere you go!

Made from the earth, will go back to the earth. 

27 × 72 in

Weighs only 1.5 pounds! (The average yoga mat weighs 2 to 3 pounds).

Available in 3 Ayurvedic dyed colors. 
Machine Washable!

Most yoga mats available today are made of un-natural and potentially harmful materials to the earth and human life. Skin for the human being is the largest organ, absorbing what is applied to it. Adi Yoga and meditation mats are consciously made with this in mind. Natural materials enhance your yoga and meditation practices through infusing plants and herbs, which have natures natural healing properties helping promote improved over all well-being. 

Each mat is individually handmade using ancient traditional weaving methods. First the yarns are hand spun and prepared for Ayurveda herbal dye formulas which have been handed down for over 5000 years. There are no harmful toxic chemicals and each mat is earth friendly.


Tulsi also known as the nectar of life is recognized for its powerful therapeutic potential, particularly for colds, indigestion, skin and fungal infections. This herb provides the green and/or grey color in our formulas


Vetiver has cooling properties and is said to help with stress and insomnia. Inhaling Vetiver can improve concentration during meditation and yoga practices.


Neem promotes healthy circulatory respiratory system and is a great hear to be breathing in. Neem is also great for the skin and considered to be the wonder leaf.


Known for boosting immunity, easing mental depression, alleviates pain and promotes good sleep.


Known for boosting immunity, easing digestive inflamation, alleviates pain and promotes good sleep.

All Hand Turned And Hand Dyed Yarns
Traditionally Ayurveda Hand Woven Weaving Patterns
Ancient Ayurveda Herbal Dye Formulas
Anti-Microbial, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal
Alignment Bars Woven In Which Provide Surface Grip
Natural Rubber Tree Brushed On The Bottom For Non-Slip
Travels With Ease – Fold Or Roll
Machine Washable – Hang To Dry In Shade
Great For Pranayama – No Off Gassing
Earth-Friendly & Sustainable Manufacturer Process
Grounding And Ora Friendly

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