Collar Lay Necklace


We are light embodied and we are planted on this diverse beautiful earth.
Let us be open to the new and different within ourselves and express totally uniquely.

THE LAITERA COLLAR LAY graces our hearts with silk and stones. She is soft and mystical, powerful with energy, graceful as the spiral. She is distinctly feminine and unique. We love wearing her with our casual comfies any day, because we can. Her silk tassels are soothing to the touch and her hammered brass is bright.

SUNSTONE shimmers with flecks of sunshine (hematite), softening our hearts and increasing child-like playfulness. Wear Sunstone to lighten your heart and release your mind! Feel the warm sun in your spirit.

LAPIS LAZULI is a symbol of the night sky, connecting us to our star family and our inner communication. Lapis helps us feel the deeper source in all. Flecks of pyrite within lapis shine like stars in the night.

The Laitera Crown Line is inspired by power and beauty in the natural world. It is made and designed by one of our shop members, Suwadee.

All metals are brass, all materials are Earthen.

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