A Yogini's Dream Collection

Explore our dreamy selection of elegant, timeless, inspiring and radiant pieces. For yourself and the special women in your life! 

Each one of these selections is unique, handmade by women passionate about their craft. 


A Yogini's Dream Collection
62 results
Short Linen Frida Gown - Sage Moon
Amma Gown - Sage Moon
Amma Gown
From $208.00
Enchantress Gown - Sage Moon
Kundalini Gown in Linen/Cotton Luxe Short Edition - Sage Moon
Lakshmi Gown - Sage Moon
Lakshmi Gown
Bali Virgo Kaftan Slip - Sage Moon
Trinity Kimono & Bodysuit Set - Sage Moon
Kundalini Playsuit White Sand Edition - Sage Moon
Billowing Sleeve Short Kundalini Gown - Sage Moon
Origami Playsuit (Linen/Cotton Luxe) - Sage Moon
Magdalena Kimono Dress - Sage Moon
La Dama Longsleeve Linen Dress - Sage Moon
La Dama Sleeveless Dress - Sage Moon
Mobius Top - Sage Moon
Mobius Top
La Mexicana Playsuit - Sage Moon
Tru Playsuit - Sage Moon
Tru Playsuit
Shakti Playsuit - Sage Moon
Shakti Playsuit
La Mexicana Short Playsuit - Sage Moon
Kundalini Satin Playsuit - Sage Moon
Lakshmi Top - Sage Moon
Lakshmi Top
Butterfly Pants - Sage Moon
Terra Capri - Sage Moon
Terra Capri
Sukha Set - Sage Moon
Sukha Set
Original Cinnamon Spice Tea 1 LB - Sage Moon
Black Sand Myca Triangle Bra - Sage Moon
The Star Dress - Sage Moon
62 results
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