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Clay Artist

I love art and knowing as many artists in my area as I can. My ideal weekend is full of open studio visits. A friend and I were just shy of opening an art gallery in Napa, California, in 2020 when COVID sparked. My full intention was to work with a growing number of artists for the rest of my life. Encouraging them to make art consistently and build their reputation based on their talents and hard work. 

Years ago, my husband and I impulsively bought a gigantic still life painting at the San Francisco Art Market. That's when he officially asked me to take a ceramic course. Everything in the painting was a ceramic object along with pretty much every cool object on display in our home. So I did!

Ceramic chimes are wonderful garden friends. They are also time consuming to make. Rolling out the clay with a slab roller means mastering rolling out something square’ish so that many circles may be cut from the slab. If you’ve ever tried it, it's likely you rolled out a narrow oblong shape. Reusing clay when the shape isn't big enough means potential lines and air bubbles that require smoothing. Cutting shapes out of the clay is very satisfying and so are methods to add texture. I'm able to look up from pinching and smoothing the edges of each circle and crave companionship when I'm at this stage of the process. 

After the circles have dried slowly for days or weeks depending on the weather, I fire them. 

Adding color is exciting when it comes out beautiful. Other times I struggle and remove materials and keep trying until it’s just right. What’s great about my chimes and applying underglazes instead of glaze for color is the minimal change after the final firing. This means how I paint them is how they will actually look! 

Who would have thought these long beautiful chains of clay would take such devotion to complete? I love each and every one of them. Please stay with me as I grow through long days of practice and hard work.

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