Elizabeth<br><span style="font-size:17px;">Jewelry Designer</span>

Jewelry Designer

A lifelong artist, Elizabeth found that creating this wearable art combined her love of beauty and design with her passion for meditation, peace, and the potential of the human spirit.

Elizabeth is an enthusiastic Environmental Activist who is passionate about addressing the many issues contributing to our current climate crisis. As Chair of the Environmental Commission in her City and leader in local sustainability movements she has the honor of serving the planet and her community. 

When she’s not lovingly crafting pieces, Elizabeth enjoys a regular Yoga and meditation practice, spending time in nature with her friends, her husband Dave, and their gorgeous rescue pup, Clover. 

“I find great purpose in fostering interconnectedness amongst all beings and empowering us to be faithful stewards of the planet.” Elizabeth, founder

Explore her beautiful creations here.

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