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Clothing Designer

Damselfly is modern streetwear and movement apparel created by Cherisse Morgenstein, a yogi-designer with a focus on ethics + sustainability.

Born from the realization of the impact that we have as consumers on the rest of the world and the knowing that we embody what we wear as we go about our lives out in the world on a daily basis. Our fashion represents our culture and it reminds us, as we are wearing it, of how we show up in the world, day after day. Ourchoices of what we wear is another chance to vote with our dollar for who and what we want to see more of in the world.

We see apparel as a tiny little prayer that you choose daily, just as you do your food, and while it might seem small, this daily choice makes a HUGE impact -
good or bad, all depending on the choice.

We operate according to a triple bottom line of social, environmental and financial responsibility in all of our choices. We see every decision as a chance to better our integrity as a sustainable business so that we can lead by example, and we are honored to stand with other innovative companies who are doing the same.

Together we make a resilient community of pioneers writing a new way.

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