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Jewelry Designer

After some stumbles and false starts, I have fallen into the practice of making rosaries. My hands crave the touch of clay - so making my own pendants and centerpieces feel just right. I have explored natural dyeing for several years, so dyeing wooden beads with plants has become a natural extension of my plant path. I have a slight subversive streak and so making tiny vulvas and pregnant goddesses and black roses and insects for centerpieces brings me great joy.
It feels like a culmination of my many windy paths, side tangents, and countless Novenas full of prayers.

I use hemp cord, wooden beads, and polymer clay to make my rosaries. One day soon, I hope to begin to dig, process, and fire my own clay and create rosaries entirely made from Our Mother’s body. Back to the Earth, we all go.

I love how I can make rosaries ANYWHERE. I take my box of beads with me down to the river, while my girls play. Like praying the rosary, making rosaries fit seamlessly into my life of mothering. I frequently stop to kiss a hurt knee, to settle a dispute, to answer a question, to chop some carrots, and to wipe away tears. I pray, while I make - sending love into each bead.

My girls come with me to hunt for tiny pieces of driftwood and shells and bones and feathers and countless treasures. They love helping me drop beads into vats and watch the magic of indigo.

This is the place I need to be - picking berries, stirring pots, tying knots, finding bones, and shaping roses. Helping Our Lady spread her seeds far and wide.

Check out her stunning rosaries here.

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